Abhinandan Sekhri

02 October 2010

Happy Birthday Bapu

Happy Birthday Bapu. White had a special significance in your life, like the White of khadi that you spun tirelessly. But we’ve improved upon it. Promise. Lemme tell you.
Bapu, your khadi wasn’t quite as White as it is now.
It had some yellow, as it turned with the sweat from your brow!!
Your White Bapu, from a wheel was spun
Today manufacturing it is much more fun.
Your truth, Was White!!
Your salt!! Was White!!
Ba’s sari. Was White!!
Hell! Even our rulers were White.
But those were dark days Bapu, because might was Right.
But you’ll be thrilled to know today even might is White
White Ambassador cars,
And White corporate czars.
They look dirty brown but I swear
Within, they’re whiter than Manmohanji's hair.
White ghosts haunt the corridors of power
White Khadi clad, in their White ivory tower
White shines from starched kurtas-pajama backed scams
On kerchiefs and White caps and White water dams.
In the Whiteness of pearly Whites on poster grinning faces.
On dead or near dead White powder lined political faces.
They have a thing called a “White paper” for all political needs
And on these White papers a whole bureaucracy feeds
And also Bapu, Your oppressive Empire’s White was sallow and pale
Our rulers are far Whiter on the Whiteness scale.
The Brits had to deal Delhi Belly and upset tummies
But ours are well fed, and well kept and hearty and hale
Even black money is White,
It can get like that overnight
Scrubbed clean by financial instruments abroad
Totally secular coz money is God.
And your noble face adorns every crisp note.
Providing market buoyancy to this sinking boat
And the rupee’s gaining (with the blessings of your smiling face) against the dollar
Triumphs at home have been somewhat smaller.
But let me boast White we are at it.
The Yamuna is white. I wish you could’ve seen it.
Before Sheilaji and her Yamuna action plan can totally clean it.
Effluents and foam rest on its surface, like snow
Give us some time and this Whiteness will grow
Like a White frothing washing machine that’s cursed.
Isn’t this Bapu, where your ashes were immersed?
Or was it the Ganga, but you’d be thrilled to know that’s pretty white as well.
The water ebbs every summer but the noxious waste is on the swell.
And while we’re on the bank of a river, remember in your time
The culmination of the Dandi march on a beach was totally your prime
An Empire crumbled as you scooped up White salt in a tiny fist
But now its Whiter, poly-packed, iodized and basically Bapu you get the gist.
So tell me dear Bapu.
Do you admit your khadi wasn’t quite as White as it is today?
And if you could come back, would you have ended it another way?
Ok Bapu. Until next year. When we’ll think of you again, bole toe until the next Munnabhai sequel or Gandhi Jayanti, whatever comes first. All our love to you Bapu.

24 August 2009

Homo Honge Kaamyaab

10 July 2009

A queer thing happened in India in this second week of the seventh month of 2009. An event most gay, when every patriot’s prayers were answered. A week when Bapu Gandhi’s dream was realized. The age old slogan “Hindu-Musim-Sikh-Isai sabhi yahan hain bhai bhai” played out. An act almost as unnatural as the one they were opposing occurred. Religious leaders of all faiths came together as one.

My gay gangrenous gang I quarantine myself from you and your disease. Yes it’s a disease as diagnosed by Baba Ramdev. Is there a vaccine Baba that you can inject me with, gently? And I don’t like it in the arm.

My same sex psychos I pity you for meddling with the natural order of man, as pointed out by the devout Muslim Mullah-ji. I thank thee Mullah-ji for letting our minds and bodies remain intact the way nature intended - well almost.

My deranged dude diggers I fear you for your being a threat to civilization as pointed out by the somber looking Christian priest. Don’t forgive them father for they have sinned. Take them to confessional booth and make them pay.

My horrible homos I shake my head in disbelief and do ardas with Bhaiji as the Akal Takht the highest authority of Sikhism bans gay marriages in Gurudwaras! Bhaiji are you telling me thus far we allowed it? Wahe Guru I can’t believe this. Have I been eating kada-prasad polluted by the shadow of these deviants?

My erring erogenous explorers, I hunt you down with trishuls and vermillion war-paint on my forehead for being a threat to the age old Hindu tradition of only making us beat up hand holding hetro-sexual couples in parks or women having a beverage in a pub.

But my friendly fags I salute you for achieving what no leader in India was able to. All religious high priests unanimously aghast at the tinkering of article 377 and in orchestra like unison they rained on this gay parade.

Oh to see India weaved together by it’s inclusive composite culture. Who would have thought the Islamic Student Union of India would be protesting on the streets as the swetambar Jain priest struck a similar note in the TV studios. Who would have thought that a Christian Padre would be nodding in agreement as Baba Ramdev filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and a senior Hindutva leader echoed those sentiments and an Islamic Imam with untouched beard and clean upper lip pouted, nodded and muttering his harmony completed the symphony.

At the fag end of my hope of a united India I see a gay rainbow. Hah! Spring oh Sunflowers and bloom oh Lilies as the Pansies spread their radiant splendor.

Bapu would be proud that indeed India is the epitome of tolerance, brotherhood and religious unity. Bapu has forever been my hero, my idol. But what he could not achieve with his fasting and self-denial, an indulgent and hedonistic bunch has. I salute you my fairy God-brothers for making this come true and I almost wish I preferred hairy chests on the object of my desire to take some credit for this miracle but until I get there, in solidarity I too shall march with you for ushering in the new century as we sing what patriots hum-

“Homo Honge kaamyaab,

homo honge kaamyaab,

homo honge kaamyaab ek dinnn…”